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xero singer

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xero singer

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Xero (Linkin Park) - Xero [.wav] Full Album

Join the mailing list We'll send you periodic updates about Singer news. Get on the list. Sponsored by Singer is sponsored by Stitcha fully-managed data pipeline.Earlier this week, a new photo surfaced suggesting that Edsel Dope is the mysterious masked singer fronting Static-X during their reunion tour. Static-X have been touring in celebration of the 20th anniversary of their debut album, Wisconsin Death Tripwith a masked singer taking the place of late frontman Wayne Static.

The Danish music site Metal a Day posted a concert photo of the mysterious singer, known as Xer0, along with a a side-by-side comparison with Edsel Dope that seemed to show both men with a similar neck tattoo.

His statement reads as follows:. I have quietly sat through all of this speculation and have thoroughly enjoyed the ride. Wayne is currently on the minds and in the hearts of the metal community in a very unique and special way. I personally get to see the joy, the tears, and the incredible sense of healing that is occurring on the faces and in the hearts of Static-X fans, each and every night, around the world.

Anyone with the nerve to throw virtual tomatoes at a traveling memorial, that has been orchestrated and supported by the family, loved ones, and long-time friends of the deceased should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. See the side-stage photo and a Facebook post with the other images below.

Pick up tickets here. Entertainment News. The No. Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit.

xero singer

Previous Story. No comments. More Stories.Already have an account? Sign in. We have only released our first demo not that long ago which is call "Until The End" which was released by "Rundown Records" who we got signed by.

After the first couple of practice with just the three the band decide to push forward they would need to get a singer, so Dean moved on from bass duties on to his first instrument guitar and also vocals as well. Now hard at work writing and revamping some old songs they recruited Gavin for bass duties.

Xero was now complete and with a few songs under there belts went about gigging. After a few gigs and a lot of well due criticism Xero went under another line up change, now recruiting a proper singer, Chris C, and Dean moving back on to just guitar and the odd backing vocals. Xero are now set. Xero are now hard at work writing new material and getting a lot more live experience, have recorded our first demo "Until The End" and have been signed to a local record label "Rundown Records" who we released our demo with.

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Why do I need a musician or band profile?Xero is the self-titled demo tape by American band Xero now known as Linkin Park. The tape is the first publicly released work by the band and contains their earliest known recordings. So that was nice to hear. The first show I went to was Anthrax and Public Enemy. Mike's first instrument was an upright piano his family had in the house.

He wrote it on piano when he was 11 or 12 for a contest his piano teacher ran and won first place 15 dollars prize. He was obsessed with Dr. Dre and at some point he asked a keyboard so he could try to make sounds like he was making. I had been making mashups since '96 or '97 when I got my first sampler. That's what I did. That's how I learned to use a sampler because I didn't have enough recording gear to actually make a full song.

I would just throw a vinyl a cappella down over a beat that I made. I ended up mashing up my favorite hip-hop records and my favorite rock records.

It would be fucking bonkers the whole time. I wasn't making music for anybody else, I was making it for myself. For the most part, he made a lot of Gangsta rap joke songs, resulting in a demo tape called Pooch Pound. Brad Delson has been interested in music as far back as he can remember. He played trumpet in his elementary school orchestra, and started learning to play guitar with his guitar teacher, Keith, [13] when he was 12 or 13, taking lessons for about 5 years before he started teaching guitar and playing with friends in local bands.

If you were lucky you might hear some Exodus, or maybe some Sepultura, but that was it - the guy was an obsessive metalhead. Brad's first band was The Pricks. He was neighbors with Mark Wakefield in high school and the two of them were in the band together. They played as an opening act for Hoobastank's very first show with around people in attendance. Mike Giangrecoa local promoter, met Hoobastank through Incubus and booked shows for them.

Hoobastank then introduced him to The Pricks. Besides giving Brad jobs as a bouncer at The Roxy and Whisky A Go Go [20] and as a waiter in his restaurant, Giangreco heard The Pricks' cassette demo and, although it was pretty raw, decided to work with them in the hope they would develop their sound and get better. The band played at many frat parties and he would let them borrow sound systems to play shows with the condition that they would carry everything by themselves and bring it back to his garage afterwards.

The band would also spend a lot of time in local record stores searching for new releases and "showcasing their musical talents".

Extract Xero data with Singer

When he was 8 or 9 years old, Rob Bourdon and his brother used to play along to Aerosmith and Faith No More on their parents couch with a pair of drumsticks.While the identity of the singer has not been officially revealed, some reports suggest that Dope frontman Edsel Dope is sporting the Static mask in the video.

Well, here it is. Watch this video and you will see and hear exactly what we will be doing on the tour. It has to be real and it has to have a soul and a pulse. Static-X has always been four guys. Two guitars, bass, drums, and vocals. This is the most electric version of Wisconsin Death Trip 2. Along with the tour, the band is releasing a new album, Project Regenerationwhich will feature 12 new Static-X songs, with vocals that were laid down by Wayne Static before his death inas well as yet-to-be-revealed guest vocalists.

In a post yesterday, the band — featuring classic members Tony Campos, Ken Jay and Koichi — revealed that initial plans for the album have changed thanks to a surprising discovery. Because of this, the album will have fewer guest vocalists and more complete songs featuring lead vocals by Wayne Static. Static-X have started to roll out dates for a second North American leg that kicks off in December. See all the stateside dates below, and grab tickets for the tour here. Entertainment News.

The No. Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit. Artists Static-X Wayne Static. Previous Story. More Stories.Back when Chester Bennington was in Grey Dazethe band did a small tour into Southern California, when they played a showcase for a record label at the Coconut Teaszer in Los Angeles.

It was unsuccessful and the band broke up shortly after that, but this show was one of the reasons Chester was later asked to audition for Xero. He was so desperate he called him up when he was still in Texas and told him he would be sending the music and the original songs for the singer to sing over them.

xero singer

Their previous singer, Mark Wakefield, couldn't perform live because of a really bad stage fright, so they were looking for a new singer. Scott called Chester, who at the time really wanted to quit music all together after a bad band audition for Kongo Shock in[8] and told him about a band he thought "could really go somewhere. The next day, on a Friday, Chester then received a tape.

One side had vocals on it and the other side was just instrumental. Chester listened to the instrumental side first and was really impressed, it was different from anything he had heard. However, when he flipped the tape over and listened to the songs with vocals he started to have some doubts about it.

He turned it back over to the other side, and started singing the parts and thought to himself "I can do this. Something did tell me that, yeah, this is the one. This was the golden ticket to get inside Willy Wonka's chocolate factory! Chester called Jay Kereny of Lemon Krayola and asked if he would help with he tracks they sent him. Jay, his brother John, and Bart Applewhite of Kongo Shock learned the songs, Jay helped Chester with the melodies and they videotaped the session.

The three musicians were playing together in a band called Size 5 at the time.

Static-X “reveal” singer for reunion tour, uncover unreleased Wayne Static vocal tracks

Their frontman, Chuck Moore, said, "One awesome memory I will always have is the night that him and Sam came to the base at a Size 5 practice and asked me if he could "borrow" the band for a few hours and record an audition video for a band in LA called "Hybrid Theory".

Sam recorded this amazing work of vocals and history was born. Chester threw a 23rd birthday party for himself the next day but skipped it to record the demo of his vocals over Xero's music. He called Mike Jones, who handled engineering and production work on No Sun Todayto use his studio, but said he didn't have much money. He charged a hundred dollars an hour.

Mike then called his partner, Ghery Fimbres, who met with Chester in a late Saturday evening at the studio. Ghery transferred the cassette to a track-2 inch-tape, cleaning it up as much as possible, and set up a Neumann U, a pop filter, and a headphone rig to start the recording. Chester went home and called Jeff Blue who was back in Los Angeles on a Sunday, asking when he could come out. At first, Jeff didn't believe Chester had actually finished the tracks in such a short time.

Jeff told him he had to listen to the recording first, but Chester refused to send it via mail because he wanted to be sure he was going to listen. Chester then put the tape in his stereo and played 30 seconds of it via the phone and Jeff was impressed with what he heard. Not only Chester had sung Mark's parts but also added his own flavor to them. Chester left his job scanning maps at a digital services firm being assured by his boss he could have it back if things didn't work out with this new band.

In Los Angeles, he was essentially homeless for months, shuttling between friends' and relatives' sofas, a rehearsal studio, and even slept in his old Toyota.

The doors were open at 11 o'clock and Chester met Jeff in his office. Jeff started calling people from the label, announcing they got a new singer for Xero and setting up showcases. In Los Angeles, there was a magazine called Music Connection in which the band had announced a vacancy. When Chester met the band, he personally gave them his audition tape and they really liked what they heard, but they had already booked appointments with other singers. For 3 days, [16] they frequently had to interrupt the rehearsals to let other people do their audition, even though they had already started writing new songs with Chester.

Chester tried to convince him to do the audition, but he said "There's no fucking way I'm going back into that room. Singing after hearing you sing, there's no way! If they don't take you call me up we should start a band.

Prior to meeting Chester, the band had been auditioning for a new singer for 4 to 5 months, [21] meaning they had started while still performing with Mark Wakefield. A new name, "Hybrid Theory", was suggested by Chester after the mix of styles they brought to their music.Release Date: Tracklist.

Album Rating: 1. The fact that they were totally shit before big name producers and money stepped in is no surprise at all. Digging: Delacey - Black Coffee. I don't really mind their first two albums I still put them on sometimes, actually.

He made it sound like this album was just sloppy. HT was actually pretty good and Meteora was OK. Meteora got boring fast aside from a handful of solid songs, but yeah Hybrid Theory will always be the best. What the hell where you talking about in the first paragraph? Shinoda was never the household name today, and a certain dysfuntional singer named Mark Wakefield happened to cause global warming in the comfort of his own microphone.

Lay off the hard drugs next time your writing. I think he meant Shinoda wasn't the household name he is today, I dunno about the second part. You're right, I really need to stop the weed while writing. I never wanted to check this out, and still don't. Not that I'd be able to get it for less than 5 million pounds anyway Not the world's best review, but it does the job.

I think you talked too much about the vocalists in relation to everything else, but since it's Linkin Park, I'll forgive you. Haha it does enhance the experience but perhaps a re-read through when you've come down would help. Hmm, I struggle to believe that LP were that bad, and can not help but think of negative bias going on as well as positive bias, judging by the 4.

Linkin Park

Solid review otherwise, but yeah, as others have suggested, it could have been refined just a touch. EG, you mention the 'mighty Hahn'. This Message Edited On Album Rating: 4. The quality sucks but I still enjoy the songs except for Rhinestone. Then again, my opinion might be different since I haven't heard it in a while. And even though I disagree with your review, pos'd. Anyways, I'd rather have this demo over Living Things, but in different ways Living Things is better. Linkin Park Xero 1.

Review Summary: Roots aren't worth going back to. Rank: 0 for There is no Bennington. There is no quality. Xero is the epic failure of Linkin Park's career. Other than the disappointing release of Minutes to Midnight, Xero was the band before even the days of Hybrid Theory, first erupting in the underground scene with very little credit. You get it so far, they were stinkers.

Nothing else was as impressive as the release of Hybrid Theory EP, but the album named Xero was lost in the burial grounds of mass destruction and a hateful desire. Xero only has four songs, a few being demos of upcoming material for Linkin Park. Each song was poorly mixed, low quality or either lacks the kick enough for it to really appreciate. Instead, what Wakefield and the gang have delivered is a mix of mediocre-to-bad lyrics, B-grade rapping and reversed vaccum cleaner guitar riffs.

Even the mighty Hahn is left to fend for himself, and I often question why he bothered to complete this project knowing he had no more than 30 seconds in the spotlight.