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My neighbourhood essay english

Good neighbours can make life really pleasant, while bad neighbours can do the opposite. I am lucky to have two good families for neighbours. We all get along quite well and we rarely quarrel over anything.

my neighbourhood essay english

The reason may be the fact that we all live in a colony provided by a large computer company. Our fathers work in the same office and are thus friends. The family living on our left is a small one. The husband and wife have just one daughter who is in school with me. The family on the right has two sons, one of whom is studying for his degree in another town and the other one who is a schoolboy like me.

We all share our joys and sorrows like true friends. We children play together in the evenings while our parents discuss the events of the day.

Sometimes there are misunderstandings, but we soon sort them out. We are all always ready to help each other. I feel very lucky to have such good neighbours. It has mad life more peaceful and happier. I wish everyone would be fortunate enough to get good nature neighbors like me.

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my neighbourhood essay english

Sara June 11, at am. Ebi bisina May 22, at pm. Vaisnabi vanashree July 12, at pm. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.My neighbour essay in about or words, I have described the first essay on neighbour on the basis of the following outline includes Introduction, Habits, qualities, defects, and conclusion. And the second essay in more detail, about my next-door neighbour or neighbourhood followed by a short neighbourhood paragraph, this information will help the student to prepare their assignment.

Introduction: Nitin Gupta is my neighbour. He is a teacher see My Favourite Teacher Essay in a local school. He lives in front of my house. He came to our mohalla last year. Habits: He is a man of good habits. He rises early in the morning. He goes for a walk every morning at the railway station.

He never eats anything before going to the temple in the morning. In the evening, he goes to the public library. There he reads newspaper and magazines. Qualities: He has many good qualities. He is kind and sympathetic by nature. He is always ready to help others. Neither he does not tell a lie nor deceive others.

He never makes false promises. He is true to his words, he is a practical man. He obliges others as much as possible. He fears God. He speaks sweetly and softly to others. He is fond of talking to small children of the mohalla. His behaviour towards others is quite decent. He likes cleanliness very much. His clothes are always neat and well-pressed. He is honest and sincere in his dealings.

He is friendly to all others in our neighbourhood. He is busy in his work from morning till evening. Bad habits: There are some bad habits as everyone has, sometimes he plays cards with his friends. He likes to see every film at the talkies, spends much on movies.

He smokes very much. Conclusion: In spite of some bad habits, I like Nitin Gupta very much. Everybody in our neighbour has a good opinion about him. Students respect him. His colleagues love him. People think him to be a successful man. In my opinion, he is a good neighbour. I take good care in keeping on good terms with my neighbours.A good neighbour is a great blessing.

He is more than relative to us. Our relatives, living far off, may not be in a position to help us in our troubles and sorrows, but a good neighbour is ever ready to help us when we face misfortunes.

He lives next door. He can easily help us whenever we may need his help. I have one such ideal neighbour He is a kind-hearted and sympathetic fellow. Though older in age, he is the merriest and most suitable for company. He is never found wanting whenever I need his advice or help. He is ever ready to sacrifice his rest or comfort for my sake. His mature experience is always there to guide me in this world and save me from pitfalls. He is the most unselfish and self-sacrificing man I have ever come across.

He has almost become a member of our family from whom I conceal nothing. I discuss all my plans and schemes with him and he gives me his mature advice. His mature advice is very valuable for me not only in theory but also in practice He is highly considerate and extremely accommodating. He never says an unkind word.

my neighbourhood essay english

He is always full of sympathy, love and affection for me. He participates in all my joys and sorrows. He is a great prop to me in this dark and dreary life. He is a pillar of strength to me in the midst of storms and tempests of my life.

He has been of great help to me on many an occasion. Once it so happened that all of a sudden at midnight I fell seriously ill. I began to vomit and my heart began to sink.

He at once came running and sat by my bedside the whole night. He arranged for medical aid at that odd hour. For full seven days and nights, he nursed me with his own hands. I can never forget his sympathy, kindness and service.I grew up in a quite large, welcoming neighborhood. While living in this neighborhood, I was outgoing and remarkably talkative. Making friends became second nature to me. Playing outdoors from sunrise to sundown playing sports or exploring the outdoors with my friends became a daily routine for me.

I was outgoing, talkative, and active. I believe this is the result of the neighborhood I grew up in. Growing up in a massive neighborhood magnificent.

My neighborhood. I think we all live in and interact in our respective bubbles, and besides the periods we spend at work or school, we tend to keep ourselves exclusive to people outside of them. There is nothing wrong with being selective with who you interact with, but those self-isolating behaviors encourage ignorance, especially during periods of rapid change in the neighborhood.

My neighborhood is actually very aesthetically. This is clearly seen since the population is made up of Although my neighborhood is located right next to Koreatown, it is quite secluded from the city and the park is in the middle of a residential area.

In my mind, a lot of neighborhoods need help; what makes Cully so special? As time went on, I began to hear more about Cully, and it began to spark my interest. According to Jane Jacobs, diversity is one of the five major building blocks of successful neighborhoods, so. To describe the neighborhood that I grew up in, a lot had to do with the environment that was around us. I grew up with my brother who taught me a lot about how to behave around people and at school.

My good friend was Louie who is a year younger than me and my brother George hung out with Riley who was a year older than him. I was. The contrast will show how the neighborhoods are different. Several houses are boarded up; abandoned for such a long time I don 't even know if people actually lived there in the first place.

When researching these two neighborhoods, I focused on the neighborhoods housing statistics, demographics of their residents, and the money circulating within the neighborhoods. Another aspect I paid attention to while comparing the neighborhoods was the economic and employment opportunities available within the communities. This was a healthy community in my opinion. The organization grew into something big, they even joined in with other neighborhoods. They went as far as getting people with positions of power involved.

They knew how and what to do to get to show the university they. My neighborhood is unlike any other neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley. I truly feel like I am at home and connected with the people in my community. I do not feel the same friendly atmosphere, outside my home I see houses on the same street, but no community.

I comprehensibly feel displaced because it is it not an area I value. The surroundings of a different neighborhood.Good neighbours are a blessing. They help each other in the hour of need and share joys and sorrows. Having a good neighbour makes life much more joyous and pleasant. It also makes us feel secure.

This is especially true for people living away from their families. We have given both long and short My Neighbour essay to help you with the topic in your exams as well as competitions. All the essays are well worded by an experienced English content writer and able to fulfill your requirement; so, you can choose any one of them as per your need:.

My Neighborhood Essay

It feels safe, secure and pleasant living in a neighbourhood surrounded by helpful and positive people. The family living in my neighbourhood is full of life. There are six members in their family — grandparents, parents, and two kids. Every member is cheerful and helpful.

We have been living in the same neighbourhood for almost a decade and our neighbours have become an important part of our life.

There have been several incidents during these years where they have proved to be of great help and support. I remember the day I was alone at home with my grandmother. My grandmother was doing some household work when her ankle twisted and she fell on the floor. She was unable to get up on her own. I was just seven years old at that time and could not help her stand.

I was almost in tears. I called my neighbours and they immediately came for help. I was really thankful to them. This is just one incident. There have been numerous such incidents wherein they have helped us. Our family also supports them whenever they need any help. Last year, when their house was getting renovated, we invited them to stay with us for a few days. We have seen various highs and lows in life together and hope our bond stays intact for years to come.

We live in a nuclear family. My father works in an IT firm and my mother is a teacher.

my neighbourhood essay english

I do not have any siblings nor do we have any relatives in the city. We visit my grandparents and cousins only during the summer vacation. I felt quite lonely when we shifted here initially.Points: Introduction - Division of people according to profession The importance of a good neighbour — My neighbour — A ideal one - Conclusion. I live in Karachi which is a very big city. The area where I live is inhabited by people belonging to different trade and professions. Some of them are government servants.

The others are school and college teachers, doctors, engineers and businessmen. Happy is the man who has good neighbours. Fortunately, I am one of them. I have the best of relations with my neighbours. They are frank and sociable. They whole-heartedly co-operate with one another. They share one another joys and sorrows.

There has never been any trouble between us. Our life has been smooth and peaceful. We have lived in harmony for years. My neighbours are like my relatives. In fact, we behave as if we are members of a family. I have many neighbours, but the best among them is the one who lives on my left.

He is a doctor by profession. He is gentle, and sober. He is always polite and courteous. He is the father of a happy family of four children. His wife is a highly cultured and civilized lady.

One of his sons is of my age and all our programmes of study and recreation go jointly, Inspire of their wealth and status, they are not at all proud.

Short Paragraph on My Neighborhood (370 Words)

My neighbour shares joys and sorrows of their neighbours. He is full of sympathy for everyone. He has always been helpful to me. Whenever I have had any trouble he has come to help me without asking for it. He has never charged any fees for attending any patient in the locality.Most of my neighbours are come from many different countries.

My Neighborhood

To the right side of my home is the home of the Kiangs. To the left side is the home of the Lams, and in the front is the home of the Grants. When my family arrived in their community, I used to think that they were best friend of my family. After living in this neighborhood for five years, I have to realize that my neighbors can be described in three specific groups: those who concentrate on study; those who deal with creative ventures and those who organize, systematic, and understandable.

The first group in my neighbours tends to concentrate on study these proper. An example of this type of neighbors is child psychology and preschool education. Kiang is my neighbor and known to my family ever since we have shifted to our present home, about five years ago. He arrived from Frank in He has become nationally recognized for his contributions in the fields of pre-school education and parent teacher relationships. His voice is not just of the immigrant South Asian community but also of an immigrant community of the millions who have stayed in ancestral culture.

His pleasure is derived from helping those who need help. He can paint, white wash, mow the lawn, trim the plants, wash clothes and do carpentry. He is a good Christian and seldom misses his Sunday church attendance. He is called by the people in the neighborhood, the second "Rip-van- winkle. The second group of good neighbour is those who deal with creative ventures.

Lam is the most the opposite of Mr. He arrived from China in He is found in artsy creative at the university of Chungchi. When he came in new place, he expresses identical views in politics, social issue, love, and marriage in the same C Continue reading this essay Continue reading. Toggle navigation MegaEssays. Saved Essays. Topics in Paper. Example Essays. My Neighbours. Continue reading this essay Continue reading Page 1 of 3.

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