B58 vs n55

BMW forever left the world of naturally-aspirated performance motors in M-series cars in with the launch of the S Despite being the performance version of the N55, the S55 has little in common: a closed deck block, twin turbos, forged pistons, lightweight crankshaft, and dual high pressure fuel pumps, to name a few.

With that being said, how will the S58 stack up against the S55 in terms of performance, reliability, and tuning potential? Some people were disappointed that BMW moved away from the V8 platform.

However, there certainly is no disappointment in S55 performance capabilities. While the N55 was toned down for reliability, the S55 was cranked up to a whole new level.

Supra reliability with a BMW drivetrain

With basic FBO mods such as a tune, downpipes, intake, intercooler, and E85 gas, the S55 engine can push a cool whp. Talk about serious power!

With a horsepower record of 1,hp to the wheels, the S55 is the highest horsepower BMW engine to exist. With partially forged internals, a closed-deck, and special cylinder wall and piston coating, the S55 engine is the most capable and powerful BMW engine in existence.

But, what about the next generation S58? After 6-years of on the road data, the S55 appears to be an extremely reliable motor. The crank hub issue turned out to be blown out of proportion by a company called TPG tuning, using a scare tactic to sell more of their aftermarket crank hubs. Outside of this over blown issue, the S55 appears to be a bulletproof engine.

The combination of power to reliability on the S55 is astounding and unrivaled by any other BMW engine.

b58 vs n55

Additionally, the tuning capabilities are unknown and will continue to be until some of the big tuning companies are able to get their hands on these vehicles and start building products.

With that being said, we can still speculate. The Competition models will push that even further, with an additional 78hp over the standard S55 and still 10hp over the beefed up S55 in the M4 GTS.

Additionally, the S58 is built off of the B58, which has been extremely impressive since its debut in Many individuals think the B58 used in the Toyota Supra will be a good preview of what to expect with the S The S55 significantly enhanced its reliability over just about every previous M-series engine.Ever since the twin turbo N54 hit the markets in the BMW i, BMW has been building on the design of the turbocharged, direct injected inline 6 engine.

Inthe i received the updated N55 engine followed by the B58 inhowever, the model was rebranded to the i. Unsurprisingly, the success of the turbocharged inline 6 led to its introduction in the F80 BMW M3 beginning with model year These BMW turbo sixes are nothing to snarl at; all are able to produce massive power numbers with a tune and basic bolt-ons. Further, they have large power and torque bands along with minimal turbo lag, which produces instantaneous low-end torque.

Since the initial release of the BMW N54, the engine has gained quite a positive reputation in the tuning community. Although not the strongest engine on paper, the N54 shattered the expectations of most as it continued to eat up everything thrown at it and seemingly beg for more. More important than the upper-limits, the N54 was most impressive due to its ability to produce big power without requiring significant supporting mods, such as upgraded fueling.

BMW quoted the N54 at hp, however, independent testing suggested numbers at the crank closer to hp. Maxing the stock turbos with upgraded turbo inlets will result in power numbers in the whp range, and torque above ft-lbs to the wheels.

Open-deck blocks and cast pistons are not great at handling extreme boost pressures for long periods of time. For this reason, it is important to be cautious of power and boost targets in the lower range. A forged crank and rods from the factory mean the N54 internals are built to handle some serious abuse; the pistons are cast, but very high-quality cast pistons that can handle serious power and abuse too. Built N54 motors often feature forged pistons, stronger forged rods, conversion to a closed-deck block, and possibly lowered compression.

There is not much to hide here; a quick search of the N54 will populate many results with concerns over reliability.


Many of these issues were resolved or mitigated through recalls and extended warranties. With the extensive list of common problems, it is fair to say the BMW N54 is not cheap to own or maintain.

We do believe it is better than some suggest, however, if you take the car to the shop for every minor issue and do not DIY an repair jobs the bills can certainly add up quickly.

Jake and I have both had excellent experiences with reliability on our N54 powered i and i, respectively. However, our N54 i maintained much better than my i has experienced countless issues.

Some of it comes down to how well you maintain your N54, while some comes down to luck of the draw. Nonetheless, you must pay to play and the N54 is no exception. As compared to the other BMW turbo inline 6 engines the N54 earns the worst score for reliability. Fortunately, BMW learned its lesson on the N54 and focused on improving the reliability of its future turbo engines.

Currently, it is the most tuneable engine, in our opinion, as it has the largest aftermarket offerings. Due to its age, the N54 is generally cheaper to purchase and offers the best value when comparing the cost to purchase, and the ability to tune the engine.

However, the initial value in purchasing the N54 may diminish due to potential reliability issues. Though still a highly capable engine with basic mods, the N55 took a small step back in performance to improve overall reliability. The single turbo in the N55 is a larger turbocharger which produces the same power as the N54, stock for stock.

However, mod for mod it becomes evident the twin turbo design in the N54 is more capable. Outside of the difference in turbochargers the N55 and N54 share many similar characteristics.Nico DeMattia. Anyway, this update gave the 3 Series some new headlamps, taillamps, some new interior bits, sport seats as standard, some new wheels and even a new engine. The latter is available in the newly formed i and it replaces the old N55 found in the i. The BMW N55 engine was something of legend. It was easily one of the best engines on the market throughout its entire tenure, regardless of what else was on the market.

It was jet-turbine smooth, powerful and made a great noise. It was everything one could want from six inline cylinders. But, like all things, the N55 must retire and it will be deeply missed. Much like the N55, the B58 displaces 3. This increases performance by maintaining more even temperatures inside the intake.

During our recent trip to Mexico to spend some time with the new BMW iwe got a technical briefing on the new engine, explaining all of this. Well, wrong in this case. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. After sampling the B58, we realized it was doing one helluva N55 impression, except it might have even been a bit better. The power comes immediately and surges as the rev needle climbs. It still amazes me how BMW is able to make its turbocharged I6s feel naturally-aspirated.

Not a whiff of turbo lag, just smooth, deliberate power. You can trim the throttle mid-corner and get back on the power on corner exit without a hint of lag. And the noise, what a noise. This new i could make the M3 look bad. It sounds like BMW I6s of old, with a throaty, metallic rasp and a wail as the rev needle touches red. For those of you who will miss the N55, fear not. One of the journalists on our press trip owned an E92 i coupewith the famous N55 engine, and claimed that the B58 was just as good.

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Thread starter halfmonkey Start date Jan 16, Say what you will about the styling, pricing, hp, auto only, bmw sourced interior, etc I frankly applaud Toyota for even making the Supra happen. I actually like the design. Of course there are things I would have changed such as making a manual or at least a dual clutch but it is what it is. One thing that has me concerned though will be the reliability of the b58 engine.

I normally keep my cars for a long time and I only kept my e90 until k miles, which I guess in BMW speak is like keeping a Toyota for k miles. We all know that Toyotas are regarded as one of the most if not the most reliable car manufacturers so I would think that they would breakdown the B58 and develop any weakness that they find to meet Toyota benchmarks. Things that went wrong on my N54 include high pressure fuel pump, low pressure fuel pump, water pump, thermostat, oil filter housing, some transmission mechatronic sleeve, head gasket, injectors, ignition coils, intake build up required walnut blastingexhaust flap.

This is just a list of what I remember and it doesn't include the other problems with other parts of the car too like cracked windshield rubber trim, both rear windows mechanism breaking, among many others.Remember Me? Appreciate 0. Originally Posted by SMi. Phone website www. Find More Posts by mike x-ph.

Originally Posted by mike x-ph. I know that B58 has a better intercooler and overall engine cooling, which allows it to make more efficient power. I'm not sure if I missed it, but is the B58 closed deck? Appreciate 3. You have to run Meth to break whp, correct? I remember Terry saying somewhere that the factory fueling is capped at right around whp and the only way around it is TBI, PI, Meth, etc. But I could be talking out my ass so please correct me if I'm wrong.

Major General.

b58 vs n55

Originally Posted by Pats. Yes, there are major hard limits to what the factory car will supply fuel-wise. Until tuning gets WAY further down the line, no one is going to be making big power on these motors without 1.

BMW S55 vs S58: Performance, Reliability & Tuning

Huge, unsafe amounts of meth 2. Very aggressive tuning with a piggyback that is still quite limited in terms of what it can control on this motor 3. A complete standalone. First Lieutenant. Stock turbos, the B58 is better.

However once you start upgrading the turbo, even though it's a closed deck block, it doesn't have the forged international components. It's not even sleeved. On top of that because it's a closed deck the cylinder walls aremy as well cooled as the N54 and that will only expedite the failure.

Second Lieutenant. The B58 has not bested the NRemember Me? Lieutenant Colonel. Apparently it has longer stroke while still reving as freely as the N55, but what are the other advantages? Last edited by harkes; at AM. Appreciate 0. Good luck trying to fix anything at home.

Just read the article, and it looks much more annoying than trying to service the N Appreciate 2. FSociety Brigadier General. Good read. Phone website www. Find More Posts by mike x-ph. Originally Posted by harkes. Appreciate 1. From a tuning perspective it certainly seems to continue the trend from the N55 EWG with even more potential from the stock turbo. Both the N55 and N54 seems quite happy being open-decked. Last edited by harkes; at PM.

That said I think a lot of it is incremental improvements. As a tuning platform time will tell ;-D. Originally Posted by zinner. Closed deck alone makes the motor better period.

b58 vs n55

Serviceability at home or not psi for psi b58 is better. Major General. Because the block is shared with the diesel variant it has a closed deck design which should be able to withstand higher pressures. Originally Posted by mw.Millman portrays the Las Vegas gambling lives of three man in great detail.

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BMW’s N55 engine will be missed, but the new B58 might be even better

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BMW N54 vs. N55 vs. B58 vs. S55: Performance & Reliability

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